Teddy Afro brand new music KenaBel | Armash reaction

Teddy Afro released a new single music on his YouTube channel few days ago. The video hits 1 million views in under 24 hours, which is a record for an Ethiopian channel.

The channel also amassed more than 50 thousand new subscribers in just a day after the release of this song. The video is made just with an audio recording with a lyrics.

Ethiopian National Theater: Many programs canceled, including Tilahun Gesesen’s birthday

The theater’s music department head, Wosenyeleh Mebreku, told Bisserat Radio that the theater did not broadcast the annual performances of Dr. Tilahun Gesesen’s birthday and Meskel Holiday due to sound system problems.

Dr. Tilahun Gesesse’s birthday was celebrated every year, but for the past two years since 2011 and this year, it has not been celebrated as usual.

Tilahun Gesesse’s birthday was celebrated until 2011, but in 2012, the National Theater staff thought of him as his family’s absence. In response, he said, the ban on compulsory assembly following the 2013 CVD outbreak in 2013 was not complied with, and in 2014, the Ethiopian National Theater could not be observed due to a sound system problem.

The sound system problem has hampered the theater’s annual New Year’s Sundays and Meskel celebrations, which have been held for years. However, due to lack of purchase, the music department has not been able to do its job properly, he added.

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