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Act like a lady, think like a man : Amharic audio book

This a book by famous comedian and media personality Steve Harvey.

steve harvey- act like a man and think like a man

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The principle of life to be a good wife

๐Ÿšบ Do not speak loudly at your husband for any reason because shouting at your husband is a sign of contempt. (Proverbs 15, 1)

๐Ÿšบ Your husband’s weakness to your family and friends from Tom
Don’t reveal. Because it will come back to you. You are everyone’s protector. (Eph 5,12)

๐Ÿšบ When talking to your husband, don’t use different gestures and gestures. You never know how your husband will interpret your actions. A strong and angry woman will not have a happy home.
(Proverbs 15, 13)

๐Ÿšบ Never compare your husband with other men. You don’t know what other men’s lives are like except your husband. If you rob your husband of his confidence by comparing him to others, he will lose his love for you.

๐Ÿšบ Don’t worry about the pain of your husband’s friends because you will ask them. It should be your husband who should take care of their pain. (Proverbs 11, 22)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t forget that your husband married you. You are not a servant or anything else, so give up your responsibility as a wife (Genesis 2:24).

๐Ÿšบ Don’t let anyone draw attention to your husband.
Others can do what they want, but your husband is yours
It is a responsibility. (Eph 5, 33)

๐Ÿšบ If your husband comes home empty-handed, don’t blame him instead
She told him. Don’t be a waste of Tom. Your husband’s sweat is very precious.

๐Ÿšบ Don’t deny your husband by pretending that you are absolutely sick for sex. Be your husband as long as he wants. For a husband, sex is fundamental. But you repeatedly refuse him and open the door for him to be taken with another woman. A man can never endure a carnal relationship for a long time.
(Songs 7, 12)

๐Ÿšบ If you know your husband has had a relationship with another man (your ex-boyfriend) in the past, do not compare his physical relationship with the person you had a relationship with.
It will not be compensated. (Songs 5, 9)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t answer your husband in public. Even if he told you in public, keep it in your heart. (Proverbs 31, 23)

๐Ÿšบ Do not be angry with your husband in front of your children or resist him. Because a smart woman wouldn’t do that. (Eph 4, 31)

๐Ÿšบ When your husband is driving, don’t forget to pamper him and give him what he needs. (Proverbs 12:4)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t let your friends get too close to your husband. Never skimp on your makeup and wardrobe. Take care of your beauty. Your husband may be surrounded by other women, so always be beautiful so that he doesn’t stumble. (1 Sam 25,3)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t let your parents or family or friends be the most important part of your life. Don’t expect them to make decisions about your marriage. If you have to do it, do it yourself without any interference. (Luke 21, 16)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t make money the basis of your love. Never forget that husbands want a wife who pays attention and listens attentively. Never waste time on it. Good speech is the foundation of happy feet. (Galatians 6,9)

๐Ÿšบ Even if your job is better than your husband’s in many ways
Never compare yourself to your husband. Marriage is a partnership.
(Galatians 6,10)

๐Ÿšบ Do not argue with your husband. For husbands do not want a quarrelsome wife. (Eph 4, 29)

๐Ÿšบ A lazy wife does not care about anything. Other than that, she doesn’t even know that she needs a bath for her body. Lazy wife
Don’t be. (Proverbs 20, 13)

๐Ÿšบ Your husband likes well-prepared food, so I will give him a well-prepared meal. Husband does not know the joke of food. (Proverbs 31, 14)

๐Ÿšบ Don’t control your husband too much. Instead, enjoy every moment. Use your income. (Luke 11,3)

๐Ÿšบ When your husband comes from fatigue, always give him cold water. Your good nature and humility are your beauty. (Proverbs 31, 11)

๐Ÿšบ Do not form a union with a woman who does not have a good attitude about marriage (Proverbs 22.14).

๐Ÿšบ Because your marriage is worth as much as what you give it
Get rid of indifference. (Hebrews 13, 14)

๐Ÿšบ The fruits of your womb are the gifts of your creator and teach them to love and care for them. (Proverbs 22:6)

๐Ÿšบ You are never too old to manage your home, so don’t ever lose your care for your family. (Proverbs 31, 28)

๐Ÿšบ A wife who fasts and prays is always a strong wife, so always pray for your husband and your family. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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