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Aster Aweke promised for 10 more albums

Famous Ethiopian singer Aster Aweke promised to her fans that she will keep working as long as she is healthy and God gave her age.

She said we need only love on her message embedded above. She is one of the most decorated singers in Ethiopian music industry. She is about to release her 27th album “Soba” in the next few days.

If she can fulfill of the promise for more ten albums to come she will end up with 37 albums, a feet that cannot be matched easily especially in this generation where single video music’s get more viewer attention and better payment terms.

Her latest album “Soba” is expected to be realesed once Sewasew app gets approval to release the song and their on line payment terms passed the test ongoing with experts.

Addisgo will bring you the songs once they are available. You can just tune in and check the availability of the songs.

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