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Hana Mesfin, potential international singing competition competitor

Hana Mesfin, potential international singing competition competitor.

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The first professor in the field of mechanical engineering in Ethiopia – Professor Daniel Kataw

Let us introduce you to a great professor who owes a lot to the field of mechanical engineering in Ethiopia. Professor Daniel Ketawu is recognized by many for his patriotism and hard work. The professor was born in 1950 in Debre Berhan city. Prof. Daniel, who attended his classes through moving classes, said that the opportunity he had to study in Wolaga was another chapter in his life. They say that they were able to speak Oromo fluently during their stay in Wolga, that they learned another culture, and that they found a different kind of human love.

After graduating from high school, they headed to General Wingate School, where the chapter of my life where I was made. According to the professor, the things that shaped my psyche came from Wingate.

I learned from Wingate that punctuality, programming and trial and error are important. Professor Daniel received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Addis Ababa University in 1972 and served as a teacher at the same Addis Ababa University for 2 years. Then they went to Italy for further education. They did their second and third degrees in Industrial Engineering at Turin Polytechnic in Italy.

Realizing that the expansion of the industrial sector is the key to solving the country’s basic civilization problem, they returned to their country and started to make efforts to expand the education sector in the country.

They have endeavored to activate the sector by starting Industrial Engineering at the first degree level at Bahr Dar University. In Addis Ababa University, they took the responsibility to provide second and third degree education and were able to achieve success.

Among the books that he prepared personally, industrial management and engineering economy, material handling equipment, A text book for an introduction for industrial engineering are the main and cited ones.

Professor is often heard saying that he cares about the state of my country. This idea has caused them to participate more in many national events. And their professional support proves to them that it is making a visible difference.

The Steel and Engineering Corporation, which was in fundamental trouble at the national level, is now being led by the Chairman of the Board. At the same time, they are contributing to the recovery of sugar corporation from the crisis by participating as a board member. Apart from their recent participation, they have left their mark on the Ethiopian Standards Agency for many years.

The professor, who says that working on people is the priority when it comes to changing the country, has presented a book called “Here’s a way for Ethiopia…” that includes many ideas to be the beginning of his dream. In addition to the concept of quality, they say, everyone should have a deep understanding of production and productivity.

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