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    Aster Aweke promised for 10 more albums

    Famous Ethiopian singer Aster Aweke promised to her fans that she will keep working as long as she is healthy and God gave her age. She said we need only love on her message embedded above. She is one of the most decorated singers in Ethiopian music industry. She is about to release her 27th […] More

    Artist Haymanot Girma speaks about her past life

    Artist Haymanot Girma speaks about her past life. Suggested article Don’t take the hero’s name in vain! #Ethiopia They emphasized and made a statement that posting on the social alert pages of various government institutions is defamation of an individual and an organization in a way that defames the name of a hero athlete who […] More

    Famous actress Rutha Mengsteab wedding anniversary

    Good luck for the baptism of light! – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent a congratulatory message for the baptism. The full statement of the Prime Minister’s congratulatory wishes is as follows: Baptism is a celebration with many meanings. On the one hand, it serves as a sign for Christians to learn […] More

    Helen Bedilu Wedding Dance

    Helen Bedilu is one of the most decorated Ethiopian actress who has graced dozens of films and television series. suggested article Health Benefits of Drinking a Milk drinking_milk 👉👉 #Drinking milk is believed to be good for children and not so much for adults. This is wrong. Milk is important for people of all ages. […] More

    Mother and daughter met after 20 years apart

    Mother and daughter met for the first time after 20 years they were apart. Ethiopian Tik Tok application was announced Ethiopia’s first Tik Tok application developed by Infratech Software Services Private Limited was announced yesterday evening at the Best Western Hotel in Bole in a press release. One of the founders of the TikTok app […] More

    She is able to see!

    I am able to see after a generous persons donations. It was revealed that the warehouse rent receipt loan service has come up with a system that solves the problem of financial supply for farmers and producers. This was revealed when the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, in collaboration with stakeholders, prepared an awareness platform for […] More