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Hamelmal, Veronica and Tsehaye Yohannes music

Hamelmal Abate, Tsehay Yohannes and Veronica Adane sings on Hamelmals sister daughter wedding party.

PurposeBlack Ethiopia held a launch program for the Farmers’ Produce Distribution Project.

The launch schedule of the Farmer’s Product Distribution Project was held on October 22, 2015 in the company’s main meeting hall in the presence of Dr. Fseha Eshetu, CEO of PurposeBlack Ethiopia and other senior officials of the company.

Speaking at the program, the Chief Executive Officer of Purpose Black Ethiopia, Dr. Fisha Eshetu, expressed that he was happy to see the implementation of the plan to work together in the past.
The CEO said that the main objective of PurposeBlack Ethiopia is to make poverty history by working together.

The Chief Retail Distribution Officer of Purpose Black, Mrs. Sanait Ayele, conveyed her message of trust to the people who got job opportunities through the project to work hard and fulfill the responsibilities assigned by the company.

Finally, the CEO of PurposeBlack Ethiopia, Dr. Fseha Eshetu, officially launched the project by cutting Riva, and the guests who attended on the day were also able to shop for agricultural products brought directly from the farmers by the company, such as bread, syrup, pepper and other food products.

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