Teddy Afro – Armash New Ethiopian Music 2021

Teddy Afro released new music audio. The music articulates about the current situation of his own country. He is singing for mercy, love and brotherhood.

The song is trying to bring Ethiopians together and create more awareness about unity in diversity.

You will enjoy this nine minutes music which is made with a lyrics. Please do provide your comment at the comment box. We thank you for your time and courage.

Suggested story,

It is Saturday. It’s time for the college weekend students in front of her shop to take the exam, so she has to open a stationery shop in the morning and she has a lot of work to do and copy. But it is raining in the morning as it does in the morning.
When it rained in the morning, she got out of bed and died. Her body seemed to be falling apart in the cold.
Despite her cold days, she struggled to keep her head down. “I’ve forgotten about it,” she said, telling herself that she was fine and that she was safe. But she could not forget him, and she was still thinking about him.
As she argued with herself about whether she was going to get up, she felt the concoction she was wearing on top of her take off
“Oh Samaritan, what have I done to you? She waved her hands to collect what she had been stripped of.
“Get up, Edu. If I leave you like this, you’re going to wait for me like that.”
“Okay, but just a little bit. . . It’s not yet time. “
“This is stupid! “Breakfast is served. Wash, wash and eat together.”
“Wash. . . What is it? Samaritan in the cold just to keep my body cool? She frowned.

“No, no, it’s a little,” she laughed, as she ran to the kitchen, picked up the pillow and threw it at her.
She smiles as she looks back at the race.
She is like a mother or an older sister. A small smile in her anger, There is love in her command, hidden from behind, especially for her, and greed.
When she got up, she went to bed and washed herself. When she returned, she had breakfast with her lawyer.
“What are you thinking about Aman?” She said.
She is the only person who knows how much pain there is behind this question, a question that can ruin the whole day. . . . Not just the day but the season.

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