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Selamawit Yohannis concert in Vegas

Selamawit Yohannis live performance in Vegas. Enjoy.

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In the 2014 fiscal year, Ethiopia earned 600 thousand US dollars from the export of donkey meat

Rong Chang, a donkey slaughterhouse in Asela, Oromia region, announced that it earned 600,000 US dollars in 2014 from the donkey meat that Ethiopia supplied to markets in East Asia.

Ato Chichi Aman, the coordinator of the organization, told Bisrat Radio that a plan was made to earn 2 million US dollars by providing donkey meat to the foreign market, and 600 thousand US dollars was obtained under the plan.

However, the coordinator stated that the performance is better compared to the same period of last year and explained that there has been a 50 percent increase. He added that the main reason why the income obtained in the completed fiscal year was below the plan was the outbreak of the covid epidemic.

On the other hand, although Ethiopia is the first country in the world in terms of the number of donkeys, it is said that the donkeys that are intended to be used for slaughtering are not in good condition and the herdsmen only use them for slaughtering.

Next, it was announced that a project has been designed to make Ethiopia earn better income from donkey meat export, and it is said that it is being worked on to earn up to 5 million US dollars annually.

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