The man who broke Addisalem heart

Before she got out of the car, she was thinking about what she had seen.
He was pregnant with a question that was difficult to answer. She felt like running away or hesitant to ask for something. Perhaps what she said about Sarah made him angry or upset: “Why? Or how do you say that? He didn’t ask her
This is what Dagama thinks when she is at work. Mat’s pregnant eyes are still in her eyes.
She is worried. She picks up one idea from the other and repeatedly asks a question that comes to her mind:
When she screamed, she received a text message.
“I thought we were going to meet tonight to talk about the hotel’s graduation ceremony.”
Although she did not like it, she did not hate the gathering because she was more than happy to have Solomon and the Samaritan in the gathering. But this did not seem to be the case with the hotel.
If she begins to think about him, she will have no choice but to become obsessed with her thoughts.
She closed the shop just before the closing time.
They did not meet Samri in person because she was engaged in the same work in the morning.

The dinner party was large, but they were seated outside. They did not think of the breeze that was blowing, because they could feel the heat of the campfire burning near them. Soft music opens and entices them.
As usual, four people are eating their favorite food at a specially prepared table. All faces are glistening with smiles, their eyes light up, their hearts are pounding with joy, and their arteries are burning with the heat of the wine. Next to them came the scent of fresh meat roasted by the chef.
Other chairs set up in the area are accompanied by a variety of spectacular scenes. No one looks at anyone, everyone is immersed in their own world at night.
“I think there’s something to talk about,” she said.
“Good!” . . . But I don’t think you can talk about it because you’re already drunk. ”He wanted to upset her.

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