Henok Dinku fiance sinte limutlesh

Henok Dinku came up with a new exciting movie named as Sinte lmutlesh. You will enjoy this high quality amaharic movie.

He woke up late at night and woke up to find the boy changing his picture, and he fell asleep in the middle of the night when his cell phone rang.
“Just don’t tell me I’m still asleep.”

It was Solomon
“Yes, I have a severe headache.” He put his hand on his forehead and measured the temperature
“It simply came to our notice then. Let me invite you to a healing breakfast, which has thick coffee.

Can’t refuse. He got up from the bed with a smile. The size of the wardrobe does not seem to be limited to one person’s clothing; She has a pillow lamp on a comedino made with the bed, but she doesn’t use it very often. A reading table and chair with a laptop and some books and papers on one side; The shoe rack features stylish and carefully arranged shoes; The soft reddish-brown and black dots on the floor, the toys she used when the boy came, were thrown out of the mess.

He rented this house for her so that she would not be disturbed when she came out of that big house. But for the boy, because he is separated from his mother, he feels that she has a lot to gain, but she does not get what she deserves. Tries.

He opened the glass-stained glass windows and filled the room with light. As in the past, when cold water touched him, he took away all his anxiety and depression and gave him a sense of awakening.

Think back to Sarah once again; And he kept repeating himself in Eden. At night he began to meditate on what he had said to Eden
,,. . . What are you afraid of? Are you going to live forever, complaining about your marriage to Sarah? Or the glory you have accumulated so far? Are you afraid of falling when you realize your way of life is wrong? ››

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