What is Ethio Telecom telebirr?

Ethiotelecom introduced new service named as ‘TeleBirr’ with presence of his excellency Ethiopian prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahimed on May 11, 2021. These service enables Ethio Telecom to take part in financial transactions.

Ethio Telecom announced the launch of Mobile Money service named telebirr which will meet the growing demand for digital financial services and ensures financial inclusion in the country.

Within six days of launching the telecom service, 1,030,369 subscribers were registered. Join the Teleber community by downloading the Teleber mobile app from the Play Store or Appstore or by calling *127#.

How secure is a telecom account?

(1) To ensure security, our agents, partners and customers must carefully keep the PIN or PIN sent to them.

(2) Teleber has been secured by completing and verifying the following procedures.

  1. By implementing a system that allows the use of secure electronic money transfers
  2. In case of suspicion and fraud, establish a mechanism to control the situation and take the necessary precautionary measures.
  3. By implementing policies and guidelines to monitor and act on suspicious and fraudulent money transfers
  4. Implementing strong policies and procedures to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing
  5. By training our partners and staff in this way
  6. By not sharing your password or PIN with others

(3) In addition, the telecom service is protected by a financial security network.

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