Mekdes Tsegaye speaks about her divorce

Mekdes Tsegaye speaks about her divorce and it is the first time she cleares the air as such.

There are about nine companies under Elnet Engineering PLC, nine of which are entirely local companies and are owned by Ethiopian companies. The companies also operate social services-based businesses, importing and assembling Cherry and Jack branded cars. In the past, El Taxi has also provided branded taxi services called “Taxiye” and will also be using taxi driver applications.
The Deputy Mayor of Dire Dawa Administration and Head of Trade, Industry and Investment Bureau said that Elato Engineering PLC is a very useful company for importing and assembling cars made to Europe and Dire Dawa.

Dire Dawa City Manager Bureau Manager, Abdujuwad Mohamed, said the enterprise can improve tax-exempt services in the city and create job opportunities for the youth by importing modern tax-exempt taxis to our country and the city of Dire Dawa. He also lauded the efforts being made by the private sector and the residents of the city.

Elato Engineering PLC has opened a branch office in Dire Dawa, importing cars for private transport taxis and providing meter taxi services with the help of software applications. Bekele Abebe said they will continue to engage in manufacturing and trade in the city. Elders and residents of the administration participated in the event.

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