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An electric car is on the market

• You can travel 310 km for 28 Birr
• A liter of fuel costs 31.65 birr and 1 kilowatt of electricity costs only 0.35 cents
• The 23-by-310-mile full-city Mibibus with a capacity of 23 people travels 260 – 310 km

#Ethiopia | Green Tech Africa has announced that it has launched 5,000 electric and solar-powered vehicles

According to Green Tech Africa General Manager, Fitsum Deresa, the electric vehicles will carry five passengers for city taxis. The City Crossing has announced the launch of a 23-passenger midibus, pickup and public transport vehicle.

      “We are ready to create 5,000 cars (for 5,000 jobs) by implementing a 40/60 joint venture to solve the problem in the transport sector to encourage job creation and make consumers more profitable,” he said.

Attached: 40/60 Green Transport System is designed to help middle- and low-income citizens own cars and earn a better living. As a result, 60 percent of the car owners will be employed and 40 percent will be employed by Green Transport, ”he said.

According to Fitsum, the Green Tech Africa program will save one-third of the government’s $ 4 billion annual fuel and spare parts to be used for other development projects.

Tewodros Tadesse, Director of Green Tech Africa Communication and Marketing, said the company offers three types of charging options. He also said that a charging station will be set up everywhere. They say it makes it easier to charge at home.

Tewodros explained that not only electricity but also our cars are equipped with the option to travel 60 to 120 km by solar charge.

Citra Ali, Green Tech Africa CEO, has already assured buyers. “Green Transport works with Africa Village Microfinance. An electric car buyer saves money in his name. He has the full right to use his savings at any time,” he said.

     According to Citra, Ethiopia has 13 months of solar resources and the use of solar-powered cars is unparalleled. He said they have completed the installation of charging stations and spare parts for our electric cars in Addis Ababa.

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