Interview with actress Lidiana Solomon

Actress Lidiana Solomon is the latest actress to appear on seifu fanatahun show.

Listen, my child! Here are my life advices for you!
1.Being strong does not mean falling, but learning to fall and rise !!!!
2. Silence does not mean don’t speak, it means listen to others !!!!
3. Just because you are not hungry does not mean you should not eat.
4. Not being angry doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings, it means getting back out of anger !!!!
5. Forgiveness does not mean you are not hurt, but resentment is another injury !!!!
6. To love your enemy does not mean that the enemy is good because love prevails over hatred !!!
7. Being happy does not mean having everything, it means having fun with what you have !!!!
8. Loving your work does not mean that what you are doing is good, but that you love what you are doing today so that you will have a good job tomorrow !!!!
9. Don’t be rude, don’t talk about what you don’t know !!!!
10. Just because you die doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Being single does not mean running away and getting married does not mean being ready and willing to give up all your time and resources !!!!
12. Being truthful does not mean telling the truth in public, but living the truth for yourself !!!!
13. Don’t fight doesn’t mean you cant live with someone, you dont have to be angry !!!!
14. Don’t be arrogant, don’t be arrogant, don’t despise others !!!
15. Being beautiful does not mean that you are better than others, it means that you are beautiful !!!!
16. Being an adult does not mean going to school again, it means being smart !!!!

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