Artist Helen Teklay amazing birthday party on Baptism day

“Baptism is a pride for us Ethiopians”
Hirut Kassaw (Dr.)

“It is a matter of pride for us Ethiopians to follow the good deeds of the Creator on the day of the baptism,” said Hirut Kassaw, head of the Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau.

The Feast of Baptism is being celebrated by the Orthodox Church throughout the country.

Speaking at the baptism ceremony in Jan Meda, Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau Head Hirut Kassaw said the baptismal font was baptized by the Creator and taught humility.

“All Ethiopian Christians are following this tradition and honoring the Creator with humility,” she said.

He said the festival is expected to be seen and visited by UNESCO registered people, adding that many foreigners have come to Ethiopia to attend the festival.

He said this should play a positive role in the economic growth of our country.

Our forefathers passed on to us love and humility, help and support; That is why when we think of the Feast of Baptism, we think of fellowship, love, fellowship, and obedience.

He also reminded that the current generation has the responsibility to take care of this holiday and pass it on to the next generation.

Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau Head, Dr. Hirut Kassaw, on his part said the government is committed to maintaining such festivals.

He also said that during such public holidays, we should do our best to support those who need our help.

He thanked the fathers and young men for making this a beautiful and colorful celebration.

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