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During the fiscal year, 20,558 people who lived on the streets were taken back to normal life: Dr. Ergoge

Addis Ababa: The Minister of Women and Social Affairs, Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye said that work has been done to remove 20,558 people who have lived on the streets and return to normal life this budget year.

Dr. Ergoge wrote on his social media page: 2014 In the 2014 budget year, 6,267 children, 6,838 mothers with their children, 4,107 elderly people, 4,107 youth and adults, a total of 20,558 people who lived on the streets were brought back to normal life. .

“We will continue to work with stakeholders and the entire community to address the root causes,” she said.

Dr. Ergoge ምስጋና would like to thank the World Bank and local aid agencies and institutions for their support in rehabilitating and reintegrating street victims.

“Today, Bright Star” is by our side and I am pleased to see the graduation of street children who have been trained in alternative 3 basic education for three years, she said.

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