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How to withdraw cash from telebirr account

Telebirr is the ideal option to withdraw electronic money or simply e-money you already saved on your Telebirr account or received from another person.

Telebirr enables customers to withdraw cash anywhere from their telebirr account at the nearby authorized telebirr agent or Ethio telecom shop.

If you’re a non-telebirr user you will receive a voucher PIN via SMS and you can take the PIN to a nearby telebirr agent or Ethio telecom’s shop to withdraw your money anytime.

You can follow the following steps to withdraw your money or to change your e-money to cash.

Visit an authorized telebirr agent or Ethiotelecom shop. Login to your telebirr account from your telebirr application or dial *127#.

Then Select ‘Withdraw Cash’ from the menu to withdraw cash. You are required to input below information.

1. If you are withdrawing cash using agent ID: 
     – Provide the agent ID from which the cash is to be collected
    – Enter amount of cash to be withdrawn
    – Enter PIN (this unique and kept securely)
    – The confirm the amount to be withdrawn and receive your money.
    – Then you will receive a notification about the transaction.

2. Withdraw cash using voucher
– Select with draw a cash using voucher from the menu
– Then click or choose generate voucher code option
–  Then you will provide the voucher you generated and the amount you want to receive in cash to the agent or the sales representative.
– Now you will confirm the transaction
– The agent will provide you the cash
– You both will receive notification from Telebirr about the successful operation of the transaction.

3. You can also receive your cash using QR code by following the below steps ( this is only available if you are using telebirr app)
– Select QR scan from (from the menu list on your mobile app and scan the agent QR code)
– Enter amount of money to be withdrawn
– Enter your secret PIN ( Ensure you enter your PIN secretly)
– Confirm the amount to be withdrawn
– Receive your money from the agent
– Then you both will receive notification about the successful operation of the transaction.

If you are not registered with telebirr but wants to receive money sent to you from other user please follow below procedure.

– Show the voucher code you received through SMS and proof of identity to the agent. The proof of identity can be an ID from Kebele or your Passport or any other recognized proof of identity.

– The agent will check the voucher and you identity then it will provide you the cash.

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