Artist Mastewal and Roba Junior apologized

Famous actress Mastewal celebrated her birthday last week and its been a news in the city. The timing of her birthday celebration is not perfect though.

She is known for her acting abilities on various movies. She was good at managing her fame until recently when she started dating Ethiopian millionaire which she revealed live on her instagrm few months ago.


The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has issued a new directive that will enable it to manage its foreign exchange earnings.

In its new foreign exchange policy, the Bank has categorized which sectors should be given priority when it comes to foreign exchange, indicating that products that were not previously prioritized will now be given priority.

The Reporter reports that part of the directive, which states that banks should allow 50 percent of their foreign exchange reserves to be given priority, has been included in the new directive.

Another feature of the new directive is that the banks must deposit the unused foreign currency with the National Bank.

It is also said that the directive states that bank executives can authorize foreign exchange directly for emergencies, especially for spare parts such as spare parts.

According to Nehasab Tadesse, managing director of the National Bank’s Foreign Exchange Reserve, the new directive will eliminate barriers to banks and provide access to foreign exchange for non-priority sectors.

Pharmaceutical inputs, edible oil inputs and fuels are listed in the first priority. This is said to be a relief, especially for oil companies that have been running low on foreign exchange.

Second, the directive states that foreign exchange should be allowed, and that fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, and chemicals are agricultural inputs.

The third category includes products divided into 15 sectors, of which motor oil, motor lubricants and agricultural machinery are the mainstays.

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