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Just like those who believe in various false propaganda and cut off their savings; Patients are strong enough for today !!
Mayor Adanech Abebe

The Addis Ababa City Administration is currently drawing 18,648 houses out of the houses it has been building in the past years, 6,843 in the 40/60 third round and a total of 25,491 condominiums.

In her opening remarks, Mayor Adanech Abebe said, “Congratulations to all of you who have been saving for many years and looking forward to becoming a homeowner.”

According to Mayor Adanech Abebe, “Our country, Ethiopia, has been and still is facing many challenges and obstacles. For a moment, we did not forget our development with one hand; “On the other hand, we are committed to working hard to protect our peace and our national interests.”

According to the mayor, more than 139,000 houses have been under construction since 2011/12 at a cost of 21.57 billion birr.

According to Mayor Adanech, many challenges have been made to bring these houses to this level. Just as there are those who believe the rumors and cut off their savings, Patience, reason, and perseverance are enough for today. This will be a good lesson for the current situation in our country, ”he said.

He said the administration is using various options to fill the housing gap by organizing public housing associations, including 5,000 prefabricated houses and 10,000 low-income housing units, in partnership with the public and private investors. He said a wide range of housing development projects are being carried out in partnership with Joint Venture, Real Estate and Private Housing Development.

According to Mayor Adanech, the house will be audited and investigated by an independent body after the draw ceremony.

Addis Ababa Housing Development Bureau Head, Yasmin Wahabirebi, on her part said the city administration has built and handed over more than 300,000 houses in the past years.

Regarding a three-bedroom house, he recalled that the Housing Board closed the program last year by reducing the cost to 1,500 savings.

Shimeles Tamrat, Director General of Addis Ababa Housing Corporation

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