Henok Dinku with his new girlfriend wow

Henok Dinku is a famous Ethiopian actor and a controversial public figure. He is famous because of his life style rather than his acting talent.

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The number of senior anesthesiologists in Ethiopia is only 105.

Following the departure of 10 senior anesthesiologists from Ethiopia for the betterment of the country last year alone, the number of senior anesthesiologists is only 105, said Ananias Abate, secretary general of the Ethiopian Anesthesia Association and head of anesthesia at Black Lion Hospital. He said there was a shortage.

According to Dr. Anania, anesthesiologists are serving at the highest, middle and lower levels of education; In all, the number of anesthesiologists in Ethiopia does not exceed 3,000. More than 3,000 anesthesiologists are serving more than 110 million people.

According to Dr. Anania, the Ministry of Health is currently focusing on the need for an anesthesiologist for people with severe coronary heart disease.

According to Dr. Anania, more than 80 new medical students have been enrolled in six universities since last year.

Dr. Ananias told Bisrat Radio that the shortage of anesthesiologists has led to an increase in the number of referral surgeries in Ethiopia and the availability of anesthetics. It has been suggested that anesthesia, inadequate medical care, and a lack of qualified specialists can lead to complications in treatment and even death.

International Anesthesia Day will be celebrated tomorrow.

Borena Zone Residents Say They Are Affected by Drought Due to Lack of Rain!

Borena Zone Administration Head Reba Oda said Borena Zone Administration is suffering from water, food and health problems due to the lack of rain. .

He said 539,679 people were affected by the drought, adding that only 177,553 people had access to water.
He said 6,398 children, 9,778 mothers and 2,226 elderly people have been affected by the food crisis so far. የሞ 13,641 were reportedly killed by human resources.

The government has been asked to provide 2,463,214 bales of grass to rescue the animals. Reba ÷ said the zone had experienced a similar problem in 2009 and had been rehabilitated by the government, non-governmental organizations and the public.

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