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It is said that the digital health system in Ethiopia does not meet the needs of consumers

The digital sector is one of the leading gaps in the health sector in Ethiopia.

Filling this gap is KMS ETH Health Trading S.C.

Speaking on the occasion, Aseged Samuel, Director of the Human Resource Development Directorate of the Ministry of Health, said there is a gap in the digital health sector in Ethiopia.

Dr. Sisay Abebe, Founder and CEO of KMS ETH Health Trading S.C.

In addition to the mobile health app and website that is supposed to help the digital health sector, 9456 has set up text messaging and dialing numbers, Sisay Abebe told Bisrat Radio.

The House of Peoples ‘Representatives today passed a resolution declaring a six-month state of emergency that was approved by the House of Peoples’ Representatives on October 30, 2014.

The House of Peoples’ Representatives has decided to lift the six-month state of emergency in less than three months.

The reason for the shortening of the state of emergency is the fact that the country’s “threat to national existence and sovereignty” has been brought under control.

On October 23, 2014, the Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency no.

It was also mentioned that when the proclamation was approved, the threat to the existence and sovereignty of the country could not be prevented by regular law enforcement.
It is also stated that it is necessary to shorten the implementation of the state of emergency for six months as the current threat has reached the point where normal law enforcement can be prevented and controlled.

The House of Representatives has been given the power to shorten the six-month deadline before the expiration of the six-month deadline if the circumstances leading to the declaration of a state of emergency change and the possibility of controlling the situation under normal law enforcement.

In connection with this, a resolution calling for the repeal of the proclamation was submitted and the Council of Ministers discussed and approved the resolution and submitted it to the House of Peoples’ Representatives.

One of the measures taken during the state of emergency was the deployment of security forces or other security forces in any part of the country, the imposition of curfews, and the arrest of anyone suspected of collaborating with terrorist groups without a court order. These include retaining or enforcing legal liability while the proclamation is in force.

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