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I eat once in a day – Ermias Amelga

Ermias Amelga is a famous Ethiopian business man who has started many businesses and introduced various ideas in Ethiopia. To mention some of them he was the founder of Highland Water, the first packaged and bottled water in Ethiopia.

He has also started real state business later which was adopted by other investors in the country. He is an intelligent business man who knows what the market needs and this helped him to be successful and start almost every business before others even knew the name.

Ermias Amelga is now 67 years old but his look is like a man in the middle of his 40s. He says his eating habit helped him as well as his daily excersice. He eats once in twenty four hours. Which is not common in Ethiopia where people used to eat three times. And some also add snacks and tea time foods.

Ermias is a guest on Dawit Dreams and this interview will help you to know the man more. He gives his deep knowledge about business and other life aspects.

Recently his company named ‘eshi’ has signed an agreement with Chinese giant online market Alibaba to deliver products in Ethiopia. This is one step ahead every time there is an opportunity in the country.

Ermias is a man who prefers to live one day like a lion than a year like a mouse. This is taken from his recent interview.

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