Henok Dinku speaks the truth about his finace Mahlet

Henok Dinku was seen with his fiancee on Timket celebration. Now he has started talking about her with passion.

Addis Ababa, which has been temporarily suspended, has begun providing services.

Addis Ababa City Administration announced that the land-related service that was temporarily suspended in Addis Ababa has now been lifted.

It is known that the city administration has been suspending land related services since 07/12/2013.

According to information received from Addis Ababa City Communication, the service will be available in every sub-city as of Jan 28, 2022.

List of services that have been temporarily suspended are as follows:

  1. Enrollment liability only for legal holdings
  2. Court and bank suspension registration and cancellation service
    • Debt settlement service
  3. Property transfer work
    • Sold by bank auction
    • Sold by court enforcement
    • Condominium House Name Transfer Service
    • Inherited property
    • Real estate by real estate developers
  4. Rent and rent tax rate for existing properties
  5. Assessment of assets
  6. Provide evidence in a court order in a land claim dispute
  7. Boundary
  8. Recognized and priority development initiative by the city administration
    • Compensation
    • Replacement house
    • Replacement placement services
  9. Space preparation
  10. Border Enforcement Tasks
  11. Construction supervision at a leased site
  12. Land transfer or bidding
  13. New Map Services
    • Substitute condominiums for the limited
    • Condominiums for management
    • The City Council has announced that Real Estates users are a separate map.

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