The driving expert demonstrates the very narrow road U-turn skills

Roads to be closed in Addis Ababa tomorrow!

Tomorrow’s Grand Race will be held. Due to this 21st edition Ethiopian great run some roads will be temporarily closed for any car until the competition finishes.

The 2014 Grand Race will start at Meskel Square and will end at Addis Ababa Stadium, Mexico Square, Lideta Church, Zagwe Building, Geja Village, Tire Saver, Fuel, Kazanchis, Urael Church, and Bambis.

Police said there will be closed roads for vehicles to avoid traffic jams and for drivers to use alternative routes.


• Kobole International Airport Road to Meskel Square: Dembel Building;

• Route from Gotera Masal to Meskel Square Former 4th Division;

• Route from Bulgaria Route to Mexico Square KK Building or Cherkos Roundabout:

• Road from 4 Kilo to Meskel Square

• To the African Union Square coming from Mexico to grasshoppers;

• The road from Carl Square to the Supreme Court: Lideta Tsebel;

• Coca-Cola crossing from the Armed Forces to Mexico;

• Lighting from the Mexican Lideta Condominium;

• Peppermint veranda from Merkato Goma to Mexico Square;

• The Black Lion Hospital Backyard (Sheldress)

• Immigration lights from Churchill Avenue to Ambassador, Mexico and Lehigh;

• A square for women coming from Aware to Kazanchis – Zerihun Building for 22 from Megenagna;

• Atlas Hotel from Bole Medhanealem;

They will be closed to traffic from 11 a.m. to 30 p.m.

In addition, it is stated that it is strictly forbidden for drivers to drive vehicles to the entrances of the race.

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