Samsung Galaxy M32 ghost touch issue? Try this to fix it

Samsung Galaxy M32

If you are looking for a solution to fix your Samsung Galaxy M32 ghost touch screen issue, you are at the right place. Here we provide you with tips to solve the problem for once and for all.

What is ghost touch in Samsung Galaxy M32?

This is an issue that occurs when your smartphone operates by it self and the screen is responding to touches which you did not initiate. This is basically due to several reasons but most common ones are either software bug or hardware malfunction.

Ghost touch may also be due to dust on the screen or wet surface. For example, if you touch your screen with a wet hand it may not operate as it is supposed.

Below are some of the techniques to solve ghost touch.

  1. Restart your device – Restarting your device almost solves all problems related to performance, touch or even software bugs. The thing is, when you restart the device all the processes will stop and the device starts afresh. This makes the device feel fresh and free up all used CPU and RAM, the most expensive resources of any computing devices.
  2. Factory Reset you smart phone – This should be done after you take a back of all your important files such as photos, contacts and notes. When you reset your device all software’s that you installed after purchasing the smart phone will be deleted. For example, if one of the software’s you installed are causing screen malfunction the problem will be fixed immediately.
  3. Update the OS – Samsung devices often get updates to solve bugs, security vulnerabilities and overall system performance. So updating your software will help you to get a cure for your screen issues if it was already identified by the manufacturer.
  4. Change screen protector – Some screen protectors quality is questionable causing screen malfunction and ghost response. If you got a screen protector try to remove it or change with another one from different manufacturer.
  5. Change charger – Always try to use chargers provided by the smartphone manufacturer. If you are using custom made chargers they may cause an issue on your phone damaging your battery and causing other issues including ghost function.
  6. Change phone screen – This is the last get expensive option. If you have tried all the above and you are not successful, the last resort will be to change your phone screen. Make sure you change with an original screen.

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