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He is the most amazing person I ever know

Whenever Ethiopian history is mentioned, its name is mentioned; It is also mentioned as a museum of modern Ethiopia. It has served as the capital of the country and is a prominent place in Orthodox Christianity; Gondar.

As the birthplace of Gondar, The WiFi Tel has made Gumtu history setting in this historic city. Gondar, a natural gift, is a major part of the volume, which has helped make the book beautiful in its history, beliefs, and colors, Ida said.

“Obviously, Addis Ababa is a big part of Nanye’s life, but Gondar has spent almost half of her life in Gondar.

The rumors circulating on various social media that a draft proclamation banning state-of-the-art billboards have been submitted to parliament are false.

It is to be recalled that the 4th regular meeting of the Council of Ministers referred to the House of Peoples’ Representatives for approval of the Road Transport Proclamation.

However, in addition to the content of the draft proclamation, we have confirmed that there are reports that a draft proclamation has been submitted to the parliament on various social media to remove the regional identification from the vehicles.

First of all, we would like to point out that the information is incorrect and outside the scope of the draft proclamation. It should be noted that the appendix, which lists the license plates of certain states under the previous proclamation, is not part of the draft proclamation.

The draft proclamation unequivocally enshrines the powers and functions of the federal and state executive bodies on road transport, and the sector is safe to further enhance its contribution to the economic and social development of our country. Integrated: It is expected to be modernized and safe, and is expected to be presented to the House of Peoples’ Representatives in the near future after extensive discussions with stakeholders.

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