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Maebel Episode 214 Kana TV special drama

The emperor and empress, scholars and monks, Marxist revolutionaries, and Banda are real-life characters in the window of her grandmother Ida’s nickname ‘Nanye’.

“The WiFi Tel is not only a century-old story of an Ethiopian woman, but also a century-old story of her country,” Ida said.

“I remember I started recording Nanny’s life about 20 years ago, but I had no intention of turning it into a storybook,” Ida recalls.

“We often see historians on the battlefield or in power. “Nanye’s life is the life of millions of Ethiopian women.


Whenever Ethiopian history is mentioned, its name is mentioned; It is also mentioned as a museum of modern Ethiopia. It has served as the capital of the country and is a prominent place in Orthodox Christianity; Gondar.

As the birthplace of Gondar, The WiFi Tel has made Gumtu history setting in this historic city. Gondar, a natural gift, is a major part of the volume, which has helped make the book beautiful in its history, beliefs, and colors, Ida said.

“Obviously, Addis Ababa is a big part of Nanye’s life, but Gondar has spent almost half of her life in Gondar.

Travel to Addis Ababa

“You repeat what I said,” said the priest. “If he is sick” … if he is sick; “If he is abused” … if he is abused; “No matter what happens to him, whether he is poor or dead, I do not deny him.” Desired to be over 20 years old; With the help of a poet and a powerful spirit of Bethesda, High Priest Tsega Teshale became a nest.

When she went to visit her husband behind the fence, she found him very upset; “Oh, my heart; Courage … Well, what can I do? Should I go to Addis Ababa? ” Chief Tsega did not condemn the idea. “Go to Addis Ababa. Go to the Supreme Court and tell the king that I have been wronged; Set me free. ” She had to move from an unknown world to Addis Ababa to free her captive wife, who had turned her back on life.

The land where man walks upon man. . .. A country where cars blow their horns without saying where they come from. . .Addis Ababa. The issue of who wants to go to Addis Ababa is to shout for justice for her husband, but she has no choice. Market turmoil, student rush, relative eye. . Ehh, let’s just say I’ve seen better.

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