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‘Downfall: The case against Boeing’ is a 2022 investigative film that reveals how Boeing’s malfeasance and corporate greed claimed the lives of 346 people on board Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302.


The Ministry of Transport and Logistics held a consultative meeting with partner institutions on the implementation of the proposed oil subsidy decision.
Ministry of Transport and Logistics Regulation with the Ministry of Trade and Regional Relations In collaboration with the regional and city transport bureaus, a consultative forum was held in Adama on the implementation of the decision to adjust the price of fuel products and the implementation of targeted subsidies.

Opening the forum, State Minister for Transport and Logistics, Bero Hassan, said domestic oil retail prices should be transferred to consumers in a manner that takes into account the country’s macroeconomic situation and the living standards of the people.

Similarly, State Minister for Trade and Regional Co-operation, Hassan Mohamed, on his part said stakeholders play an important role in making the adjustment cost effective without harming the low-income sections of the society.

The forum discussed and discussed the government’s decision and various research documents and application program regarding the adjustment of the price of petroleum products and the proposed subsidy, which was answered by various participants.

Lastly, the State Minister of Transport and Logistics, Hon. He urged them to fulfill their responsibilities by acting in spirit.

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