Alibaba Cloud real exam question for ACA and ACP certifications.


Alibaba cloud ACP exam questions 2024

Alibaba cloud professional certification exam questions

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An insurance company has more than 200,000 online orders per day on their platform. In the past one
year, the platform has suffered frequent large volume DDoS attacks (exceeding 10 Gbps). Which of the following
Alibaba Cloud products can the customer use to defend against this type of attacks and ensure service availability?

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Alibaba Cloud ECS is a simple and efficient computing service. ECS helps you quickly deploy applications, improve your 0&M efficiency, and reduce IT cost. ECS belongs to this type of service

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User A is the system administrator of a company, who often takes business trips to Shanghai. Each time he
remotely logs on to the server in Shanghai, an alert is reported, prompting "Someone is remotely logging on to the
server. Please pay attention to your server security". Which of the following methods can be used to quickly and
automatically resolve this problem?

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If you need to make the ECS instances under three Switches (inside the same Alibaba Cloud VPC) cannot access
to each other, meanwhile, not affecting other Intranet connections in this VPC, what should you do?

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