Tinsae with his beloved mom

Tinsae is a television presenter on Ebs. He is part of the Sunday with Ebs crew. Previously he was a star performer on Zemen drama series.

Addis Ababa City Revenue Bureau announced that it has collected 13.7 billion birr revenue in the first quarter

The head of the bureau, Mulugeta Tefera, said it was planned to collect 11.5 billion birr in the first quarter of the 2014 Ethiopian budget year, but it was able to collect 13.7 billion birr or 118% of the plan.

According to Addis Ababa City Press Secretariat, Mulugeta said the performance is 3.5 billion or 37% more than the same period last year.

He said the result was due to the use of state-of-the-art IT technology, which allows the bureau to deal with technical problems, especially in the case of Class C taxpayers.

He also said that steps are being taken to create a coordinated approach with the stakeholders who are violating the tax law.

Mulugeta called on level A taxpayers to pay their taxes on time and for those who have not paid their dues before, as fines and interest increase as time goes on.

Delegation Led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Visits Boleka Farm in Shala Woreda, West Arsi Zone

According to Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abebe, heads of state were present.

He said there is a need to increase exports of bean sprouts to meet domestic demand and work for export.

He said all regions should learn from the experience and produce foreign exchange by producing pulses.

More than 24,000 hectares of land in the zone is covered with beans and 30 to 40 quintals per hectare.

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