Latest interview with Addis Ababa mayor Adanech Abebe

The mayor has discussed about several issues. She has also addressed many questions that people raises. She also talks about the students dining program in the city.


Ethiopia’s Tapiseri Training Institute opens

The founder and dean of the training institute, Temesgen Zeyede, told reporters that the institute has been working on the experience for the past 50 years.

It was explained during the statement that Tapiseri means the internal repair of car, boat, boat and similar vehicles.

He said the sector needs more experienced professionals so we will start the learning process next week.

It is also said that the institute, Teme Tapiseri Training, is technically accredited and licensed.

Temesgen said the sector is unknown and the government does not support it.

In the first round, 300 students will be enrolled and the training will be provided by the institute itself.

It is also stated that the training will be provided using a close-up fashion design textile engineer as there are no experts of his own.

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