Manjus playing Neway Debebes Yene Dena for his mom

Manjus just won one million birr on the fana lamrot talent competition. He is from wollo dessie and he is trying to be their voice at this time of their suffering.

Shimeles Abdissa announces that the Hora Arsade Festival ended peacefully

Addis Ababa: September 30, 2014 (FBC) The Chief of Oromia Regional State, Shimeles Abdissa, said the Hora Arsede Festival, which was attended by millions, ended peacefully and without any security problems.

In a statement issued on the occasion, the President said the Oromo people have jointly affirmed that Erecha is a place of reconciliation, love and forgiveness, not a forum for hatred and politics.

He said attempts to undermine the values of the festival had failed.
“The decency shown today is a testament to this,” Shimeles said.

Erecha is rich and rich in soybeans and will accelerate efforts to restore the culture, he said in a statement.

Erecha Hora Finfine and Irecha Hora Arsede are living witnesses to the fact that Erecha is not a source of fear but a source of strength, unity of nationalities, hope and aspirations.

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