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The National Logistics Council passed a resolution on the Free-On-Board (FOB) guidelines.
During its regular meeting, the Logistics Council discussed and approved the Free-On-Board (FOB) Directive to improve the use of foreign currency for the transportation of goods to and from Ethiopia. The FOB system allows the Economy of Scale to generate lower maritime transport costs and prevent foreign exchange loss; In the process, it will strengthen the capacity of domestic logistics companies and provide a better opportunity to implement national policy.

In addition to the above benefits, the approval of the FOB directive will allow five multimodal operators to participate in the sector in June 2013, in order to gradually eliminate the monopoly on multimodal logistics operations and move to free market competition. Enables the implementation of the approved Multimodal Operation Directive No. 802/2013. The opening up of the multimodal operation to the private sector will provide an opportunity to meet the high cost of transport and logistics created by Ethiopia’s economic growth. It will benefit the country from the low cost options and service efficiency available in the market.

The implementation of the changes being identified in the National Logistics Strategy, including the approval of the FOB Directive, will significantly increase our country’s performance in terms of the Logistics Performance Index by increasing the efficiency of our logistics system.

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