Ten days of Love New amazing Ethiopian movie

Ten days of love

This is an amazing romantic movie. The story of the movie revolves around a friends who used to game on everything they come across. They can game on love, football, films and anything.

As usual on this movie they are trying to get Maramawit “Yordanos” into the romantic situation with their 10000 birr award for a group that won. The group was arranged as women’s versus men.

“10 Days of Game” I’m comfortable with this movie. I think it would be nice if someone who is frustrated with Amharic movies sees it. I have only seen him who is a good hope, a teacher, a great writer, a great actor. Those who criticized Maramait for her dress were impressed by her performance in this film.

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To weaken our country’s economy and create resentment among its citizens, the TNG Junta and its emissaries are creating economic mismanagement in various ways.
The Addis Ababa City Administration is also taking various remedial measures by setting up a control task force with stakeholders from the federal to the city level to prevent economic mismanagement.

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