‘I like a man with a beautiful car’ at fegegta react

Deputy Mayor, Adanech Abebe, inaugurated the 6th Hope Light Feeding Center in Lafto Sub-City.

The 6th Tesfaberhan Feeding Center, located near Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-City, Jemo 1 Glass, was completed by the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation and is operational today.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe said it is a disgrace for all of us to see people eating in the garbage can.

Apart from organizing food centers, the city administration is undertaking a number of development activities in the current difficult national situation, he said.

He cited 850 homeless shelters, 356 orphans, and more than 11 million seedlings and other activities this summer.

The restaurant, which is open today, will feed more than 2,000 people who cannot eat one day a day and will create jobs for many women and mothers.

Munir Hayredin, a well-known volunteer, will cover the center’s feeding expenses for one year.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe shared her life experiences with women from Addis Ababa.

Under the theme “I will share my life experience”, there was a discussion on how effective women can share their experiences and the role and role of women in nation building.

Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe, who attended the forum and shared her life experience, said that women face problems and not escape, adding that women need to develop the habit of solving and confronting problems.

Turning to adversity and turning it into opportunity is the hallmark of rare women in the world, he said.

“In order to achieve change and success, women have to face complex challenges,” she said.

Adanech Abebe said you should spend your time on solutions instead of blaming others when problems arise.

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