Dawit Melesse – Meteriya altegegnem (Ethiopian music)

Dawit Melesse is a legendary Ethiopian musician who is able to release a full album that stands out among the rest. Since his album release he was not back to the industry even if thousands love to hear from him.

Notice from Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau to the business community

The business community in our city has been providing significant support from the outset to ensure the continuation of the transformation and the realization of our prosperity vision.

However, it has been found that some greedy traders are trying to gain short-term respect for the current national situation and deliberately create illegal inflation and economic fraud.

Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to increase the price of any goods, agricultural products, food and other commodities, any services, etc., that are offered to any merchant who is engaged in any business.

In addition, concealment and storage of goods, mixing of goods with foreign goods, distortion, marketing of expired products, trading at the same level, unsolicited trading, outsourcing and other illegal activities are punishable by trade law. Community members strongly urge the Bureau to take the necessary action in accordance with the Trade Registration and Licensing Proclamation 980/2008.

Residents of our city, please contact us at the local police station or by calling the toll-free number 8588 or 0111-11-55-81.

It is time to think about saving our country and our people more than our profits!
Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau

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