Eshetu achieved big success

The result is about to be revealed. Eshetu and the members who attended the fund raiser thanked all who contributed for the good.

It is the fact that activities are being carried out to increase the income from the tourism sector in the Amhara region

The culture and tourism office of the region announced that activities are being carried out to increase the income from the sector by promoting tourist destinations in the Amhara region and extending the duration of the tourists’ stay.

A discussion focused on the development of the tourism sector was held in Dese City under the theme “Tourism for Green Development, Green Development for Tourism”.

According to the head of the office Mr. Tahir Mohamed; In the region, efforts are being made to make it convenient for visitors by developing tourism destinations, preserving heritage.

Although there are many historical, religious and natural blessings in the region for tourism; He explained that the income could not grow due to the lack of promotion and development of the sector.

Therefore, he said, the work of stimulating tourism will be done by creating a broad movement and promoting destinations in an appropriate way.

In particular, Shonke, Tedbebe Mariam, Harbu Hot Spring, Jema Kinga and other new tourist destinations will be introduced to increase the number of visitors and extend their stay, he said.

According to the head of the office; According to the contract and agreement with the French government, the restoration of the inedible heritage is being done according to the ESA report.

South Gondar Zone Culture and Tourism Department representative Ato Sisay Gedafau said; He stated that activities are being done to make it convenient for visitors by introducing tourism resources that are convenient for tourist access in the zone.

He announced that many interesting and attractive destination areas including Guna Mountain and poetry schools are being developed and promoted in coordination.

Aklil Getachew, head of the culture and tourism department of Debre Berhan city administration, said, “We are working to generate income by developing, protecting and promoting the tourist destinations in our area.”

Religious leaders, elders and stakeholders including regional and zonal leadership members and experts are participating in the program; It is expected that they will visit various tourist destinations tomorrow.

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