Ethiopian couple celebrated 70th wedding anniversary

Their daughter got a tattoo of their name after such an achievement.

The Federal Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Fuzum Asefa, said that the national wheat development program that Ethiopia is implementing is an example that shows that it is effective if the policy needed to be implemented is effective if it sets a clear vision for food self-sufficiency.

During the minister’s meeting with CNN; He pointed out that the rise in fuel and food prices at the international level has a major impact on developing countries like Ethiopia.

The minister said that the economy of the country, which was weakened due to the corona virus epidemic, has not recovered from the damage and has entered into another crisis caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. He said that mainly the disruption in the supply of fuel and soil fertilizers contributed significantly to the increasing price inflation.

He reminded that the cost of living and inflation in Ethiopia is not a recent phenomenon, but it has been rolling for centuries due to lack of productivity and competitiveness and has reached its current level.

They stated that the government has designed a ten-year development leader plan and is in the process of solving the problem.

He explained that although the instability in the northern part of our country and the international economic pressures are challenging, the leadership plan prepared by considering all these will help overcome the problems in a better way.

He pointed out that the leadership plan will play an important role in increasing productivity by working extensively on agriculture.

He explained that 2.5 million tons of wheat could be produced in the irrigated wheat cultivation, leaving the agricultural system that was done by only waiting for the rainy season by using the summer wheat schedule.

He said that this integrated indigenous economic system will also help revive the weakened economy.

He explained that the national wheat development program that Ethiopia is implementing is the only solution to deal with the global price inflation.

He pointed out that our world is currently being shaken by climate change, Covid-19 and various other shocking events; He emphasized that the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine has made the problem worse.

Agriculture is the backbone of the economy not only of Ethiopia but also of most African countries. The minister said that disruptions in international food supply will greatly affect countries like Ethiopia. Ethiopia, for example, imports fertilizer completely from abroad, which has put pressure on its agricultural production. However, since we were already prepared for this, we tried to deal with it accordingly; But Dr. Pakht explained to CNN that we do not want this kind of problem to continued.

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