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My children’s are still waiting for their father

My children’s are still waiting for their father even if be has already passed away from untreatable medical condition which was hidden from me until his last stage of the disease. Said the mother of the children’s.

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The great film expert – Professor Haile Gerima

Born on February 25, 1938 in Gondar to a writer father and a teacher mother, the great filmmaker Professor Haile Gerima has written a story that has reached the level of international recognition in the film industry.

Professor Haile Gerima Sherikiana is married to an American filmmaker named Aina and has five children.

Professor Haile Gerima, who currently lives in America, was drawn to the arts by working in the theater group of his father, Mr. Gerima Tafere. They often made dramas reflecting the history and Ethiopian tuba culture. After a short stay at Haile Selassie University’s Center for Creative Arts, Professor Haile I went abroad at the age of 21 to study drama.

Professor Haile Gerima says that his father was the first influencer in his life, who demonstrated his ‘dram’ (drums) skill by going around rural areas. During this period, they would try to play by pretending to see things they had seen in the movies. They explained that when they were children, they used to discuss the influence of the colonial system on movies, which is rarely actively recognized. At this time, they would try to pretend to play what they had seen in the movie.

After going to the Chicago Goodman School of Drama in 1975, he gravitated towards film because cinema allowed us to show everything we wanted to show more than theater. Accordingly, he received his first and second degrees from the University of California “Bachelor’s and Master’s of Fine Arts degrees in film”.

The films that Professor Haile makes alongside his teacher differ from other films in terms of content and presentation. After earning a master’s degree in film from the University of California, Los Angeles, he taught film at Howard University for over two decades.

The professor, who proved his skills to the Ethiopian film audience by making the movie “Teza” in Amharic, has also made several films that have received international recognition.

Professor Haile Gerima showed his amazing film ‘directing’ or production skills by using filmmaking techniques that have never been tried in local films and involving actors who have never even seen a film.

In the film “Dew” where they showed the political, social and cultural situation in Ethiopia in the 1960s and 1970s in an attractive way, they showed the lifestyle of Ethiopians in the cities of Gondar and Addis Ababa as well as in Germany.

Since 1983, he has been a professor of film making at Howard University.

Seven of the films made by Professor Haile Gerima have won awards at various international film festivals. His films focus on Africans and African Americans.

He has served as a professor at Howard University since 1976.

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