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I know him before ten years

This young girls name is Meron and she met Tekalign for the first time when she was grade 5. Tekalign was a taxi driver who takes care of her while she is going and coming back from school with her friends. He provides the taxi service by agreement with her parents.

Tekalign was a loyal servant of her and he takes care of her I a very special manner. Meron only speaks of him highly and respectfully.

As time passes there starts to be some sort of feeling from Meron for Tekalign. Tekalign also admitted Meron is always in his thoughts and he has feared that he may fell in love with her. This makes it difficult to manage the situation but Meron decided to tell Tekalign about her feelings for him.

Eventually Tekalign decided to inform Merons family about the situation as he was the one they trusted their daughter on. When her family heared about it they just talked to Meron and they gave her green light which Tekalign was unsure about. The biggest concern for Tekalign was the age gap between the two. Please listen to the full story and have your day.

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