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During the months of December and January, night and morning cold will increase in frost-prone highlands – Institute

Addis Ababa, December 11, 2022 In addition to dry, sunny and windy weather in December and January, it is also the time when the night and morning are cold, especially in highland areas that are prone to frost, according to the Institute of Meteorology.

On the other hand, a small amount of rain will be observed in southwest, south and southeast Ethiopia, as well as in a few parts of North-Eastern Amhara in connection with the approach of autumn.

Forecast data indicate that the temperature of the tropical Pacific Ocean, which is close to normal in the two months, will gradually become Enso-neutral after December, and the forecast data indicates that the temperature of the Indian Ocean will continue to be close to normal (Neutral_IOD).

Based on the sea surface temperature and atmospheric conditions observed and analyzed for the last two months, it is said that most of the summer will be dry, sunny and windy.

In connection with this, it is expected that the cold of the night and the morning will increase in some parts of the country.

From the Oromia region, the West Oromia zones of Kelem Wolega, Jimana and Ilubabor zones, and the Southern Ethnic and People’s Region are said to have close to normal rainfall.

The data from the Institute of Meteorology indicates that the regions of Southwest Ethiopia and Sidama, the southern half of Somalia will mostly have near-normal rainfall.

It is also expected that the North Showa, North and South Wolo zones in Eastern Amhara will receive light rains at the end of the summer season and the approach of the fall season.

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