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It is necessary to continue the results obtained in the agricultural sector and achieve the Lemat legacy program – Ministry of Agriculture

Addis Ababa, November 28, The Ministry of Agriculture stated that as a country, the results achieved in the agricultural sector should be continued and the Lemat legacy program should be achieved.

A discussion was held at the African Economic Commission Hall in Addis Ababa under the theme of “shaping our agriculture for better results” focusing on the structural transition in the agricultural sector.

The Minister of Agriculture, Omar Hussain, gave a presentation on the way agriculture has come about in the past, the shortcomings in the process and the issues that need professional cooperation.

In his statement, he said that in the past 20 years, agriculture has contributed to today’s growth through policy preparation, generating strategies, especially the good rural development program since the policy formulated in 2003.

He pointed out that agriculture is said to have changed, not limited to hand-to-mouth production, when productivity increases in type and quantity, when agriculture contributes to economic growth by producing profits above the market and supports the macro-economy.

He pointed out that in the last four years, a lot of attention has been paid to agriculture, and he said that increasing agricultural productivity, land use, modernizing animal resources, expanding direct market linkages, private sector participation and increasing agricultural financing are the areas of focus.

He stated that it is intended to increase the productivity of crops to 70 percent from what it is. He said that by producing 83 percent in crops, 45 percent in the horticulture field and 133 percent in coffee, these should be produced in order for Ethiopia to reach the desired level in the agricultural sector.

He pointed out that although Ethiopia’s average productivity is better than some African countries, it is lower than Thailand, Vietnam, and China, so it should be considered.

Next, using the knowledge in the field, experts in the field actively contributing what is required, increasing the participants in the field and bringing those who have resources into the field, he pointed out that policies and programs should be reformed.

He stated that it is necessary to continue the achieved results and to achieve the Lemat legacy program, to increase the development of milk, meat and honey, and to work on more production in order to have product quality and reasonable price.

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