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The Amhara Regional State Council has begun reviewing the performance of the 2014 fiscal year plan

The Amhara National Regional State Council of Governors has begun reviewing the state’s development and good governance plan for the 2014 Ethiopian budget year.

According to the assessment, all members of the Council of State, including the Chief of the Amhara Regional State, Dr. Yilkal Kefalen, were present.

According to Dr. Yilkal Kefale, the purpose of the forum is to assess the development goals and basic missions of the current budget year and identify strengths and weaknesses.

He added, “For the 2015 fiscal year, we will be able to learn from good practices, build strengths and address our shortcomings with perseverance and resolve our people’s development and good governance issues.”

According to the information received by the Regional Communication Bureau, the performance of the 2014 fiscal year plan has been detailed in an economic, social and administrative cluster.

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