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Explanation of the 20/80 three-bedroom condominium lottery!

It is to be recalled that the city administration won the 20/80 14th round 40/60 3rd round condominiums last week.

Following this, we would like to make the following statement regarding the request for transparency we received from some individuals based on the exclusion of three-bedroom registrants in the 20/80 program.

1997 Only 1997 registrants were fully eligible for the 20/80 housing program in this round.
2005 2005 20/80 subscribers, however, are not included in the lottery with one, two and three bedrooms starting from the studio.

It should be noted, however, that the 40/60 housing program was included in the 2005/26 lottery with two, two and three bedrooms in this round.

👉 Therefore, only three-bedroom registrants registered in 1997 did not receive this round.

The main reason for this is that in the 12th round, the three-bedroom program was closed due to the fact that we had fully accommodated the 1997 three-bedroom registrants.

After this, the program was canceled due to the decision of the Board of Trustees of the houses that there is no registrant in the 20/80 three-bedroom lottery.

👉 As a result, this (14th) round could not be won.
However, after the closure, there was very little information from the bank, but there were a few who were qualified to continue saving.

According to the information obtained during the review period, some of the 1997 registrants have been able to find 20/80 eligible registrants.

👉 Therefore, the administration believes that these registrants should be treated according to the information obtained from the bank, even if the program is officially closed.

👉 However, in order to avoid data constraints and further disruption of the system, it was decided that we should treat these registrants separately, as it was no longer necessary to reopen the system to the few remaining savers.

👉 Therefore, we would like to inform you that as a registered 1997 resident, you will be treated differently by the administration’s three-bedroom savings program. We would like to urge the public to beware of some false rumors !!

👉 We also announce that the leaders of the sector will provide more information through various media !!

From Alexander, Pushik in Gofa Roundabout: Construction of the new road is nearing completion with more than 99% completion.

Mayor Adanech Abebe, Deputy Mayor, Addis Ababa City General Manager, Tiratu Beyene, Addis Ababa City Roads Authority Head, Eng.

During the planting ceremony, Mayor Adanech Abebe said the new road project will have 3.6 km long and 30-40 meters wide to alleviate traffic congestion in the area, especially in Qera. According to Engineer Moges, the road and pedestrian roads, including the high-speed bus, have been built in line with the standard.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Adanech said the road project will be completed soon and will be fully open to the public.

The mayor said the project, which is expected to be inaugurated in the near future, will serve the future of the city for the next three generations.

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