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Hibist is a legendary Ethiopian singer. She is known for her songs like ‘ere astilugn’, and others.

The new bakery, vegetable and other shops are a gift to the city !!

The 60-day bakery, which is being implemented in Lideta and Kirkos sub-cities with the special support of His Excellency the Mayor, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
At present, 5 Sheger Bread and Vegetable Shops have started testing and preparations are underway to start 20 more distribution centers by the end of this month.

Jobs used to create jobs for one union on a bus, but now two or more associations create jobs in one container shop.

In the past, city buses, which used to serve as sheger distributors, were a temporary solution, and in the process, in addition to aging, there were many complaints about their location, which did not provide additional services all day except for bread distribution. In some places, sidewalks were closed, causing traffic accidents.
Now, the bakery containers launched by the two sub-cities (Lideta and Kirkos) under the supervision of Mayor Adanech Abebe are being recycled instead of discarded expired containers. The refurbishment of the containers is convenient and modern and is designed to generate sunlight.

When the container is used, it will not only create more jobs for many citizens, but will also provide better services in terms of appearance, quality and cleanliness than the previous service. In addition to receiving daily bread from distribution centers, it also serves as a special community venue.

Up cycling to save money on recycling; It is also an encouraging step towards achieving the sustainable development goal of our world, which is one of the best ways to prevent environmental pollution and improve the appearance of the city.

These beautiful bakeries are the latest model works.

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