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Mekdes Debesay had become popular since she shared a video on her social media few weeks ago.

Divorce from the past means correcting yesterday’s mistakes and moving forward. I know that even though I know I shouldn’t make mistakes, I can never be perfect. The important thing is to acknowledge and correct my mistakes and move forward.

Living with remorse over the past is a prison for all. A person who is mature enough to lead himself by the past will focus on the future. After correcting and correcting everything, he moves forward.

Facts You Can Remember To Go Beyond Mistakes

  1. Do not stop moving.
    Know that a person who does not make mistakes is only a person who does not move. Someone who is not afraid of making a mistake is making another terrible mistake; Great mistake of not moving! As long as I move, I will stumble and fall.
  2. Notice how you react to your mistakes.
    The outcome of a mistake depends on your reaction to the mistake, not on the error itself. It is not the mistakes they have made but the response to their mistakes that have killed so many people.
  3. Do not repeat mistakes.
    The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. A person who makes a mistake is called a “person.” A person who makes the same mistake over and over again is called a “fool.”

Dr. Mercy Debebe

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