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Why is the journey of the Ethiopian DV winners so difficult?

Dr. Thebesta Tesfaye is a young doctor.

Two years ago, she graduated from the medical field in Ethiopia, where many graduates are unemployed.

For a year and a half, she tried to work.

She strives to maintain a high standard of living. He made it difficult for her to keep the line.

But last May, her life changed.

Dizzy knocked on her door. She could not believe it.

She felt that her life was in danger.

Dr. Theobsta’s biggest dream was to take a candidate entrance exam in the United States.

She had always dreamed of pursuing a career in medicine.

Don’t be surprised if Devi, who can make this dream come true, comes to her and says ‘Congratulations’.

“In our country, the monthly salary of a physicist is less than a hundred dollars,” she said.

She hopes the DV will bring her a better chance.

Dr. Theobsta had only one thing on her mind in the days following the arrival of the DV.

Go to the US and take their USMLE exam; Learn, grow, know.

“I was just thinking about that. They are thwarting that dream,” she said.

Why did the DVV fail?

This is not the first time Dr. Theobsta has filled the DV. She tried again and again.

She has never missed a DV since finishing 12th grade.

“Before I started filling it myself up, my parents used to fill it up. I grew up watching them,” she says.

This is a common story not only for her but also for many Ethiopian families.

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