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Ethiopia’s first debut film released 57 years later

In 1957, “Who is Hirut’s father?” Ethiopia’s first black-and-white film, 57 years later, was officially inaugurated by Mayor Adanech Abebe today.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Adanech said that the film is not only a new chapter in Ethiopian history, but also a source of inspiration for all the works of art that have followed.

He said Ethiopia has already started this work as mentioned above, but it has not reached the desired level in the film industry.

“Ethiopia is a country of many cultures, languages and values,” she said.

Works of art that strengthen the solidarity of Ethiopians; He said they should be strengthened to accelerate the country’s resurrection journey.

Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau Head, Dr. Hirut Kassaw, thanked the Development Bank of Ethiopia for its careful handling of the indebted film.

She called on the film industry to lend money in the future.

According to information obtained from the mayor’s office, various professionals who contributed to making the film available to the public were recognized at the ceremony.

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