Cherinet Fikadu with his new fiancé

The couple, who are said to be short-lived in the UK, have been married for 81 years

Ron and Joyce Bond, who live in Milton Keynes, 80 miles [80 km] from London, in the United Kingdom, celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary.

Their daughter said that their marriage, which lasted for more than ten years, had been told “it will not last long”.

But it did not happen. In fact, their love for each other grew. They have been married for many years and are still together.

Ron and Joyce Bond, both 102 and 100 years old, live in a retirement village in Milton Keynes and are believed to have been married for many years in the United Kingdom.

The couple were married 81 years ago in 1941 in the southeastern United States of America.

“At the time of their wedding, this marriage was supposed to last a long time. How wrong were those people?” She asks in amazement. He really cares.

Last year, when the same couple celebrated their 80th wedding, Queen Elizabeth said, “Congratulations!” They texted them.


In the history of the Ethiopian Evangelical Churches, hymns released in the 1990s moved Ethiopia from one end of the world to the other, opening their hearts to the gospel. Behind these hymns was the CMM Studio, home to some of the most talented and talented church children in the world. Ninety songs that we still love to listen to at CMM Studio have been released. He is a founding member of CMM and has performed a number of popular songs in the studio.
Congratulations and may the Lord bless your marriage ….
# 10_million_million_difts …

According to the head of the church, Apostle Yohannes Girma, evangelical believers have raised 10 million birr during the event organized by the Apostolic Reformation Church at Meskel Square.

Addis Ababa City Administration General Manager, Tiratu Beyene, handed over the 10 million birr grant.
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