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In Ethiopia, a doctor is said to serve more than 9,000 people. The number of doctors in Ethiopia is relatively small, with one doctor currently serving more than 9,000 people, according to the Ministry of Health.

He said the commission was nearing the end of its extensive study on governance issues, but declined to comment on the results.

According to Aseged Samuel, Director General of the Human Resource Development Department of the Ministry of Health, the number of doctors currently employing 9,400 people in Ethiopia is good.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is studying a doctor in sub-Saharan Africa to adjust the minimum requirement to 10,000, and according to a new standard, Ethiopia will re-evaluate its status. It can vary.

The Ministry of Health is working to increase the number of doctors in Ethiopia, recognizing that the number of doctors in Ethiopia is small compared to the standards of sub-Saharan Africa.

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“The government should apologize and compensate the leaders and members of Balderas who have been falsely arrested,” Balderas said.

“My people will not allow me to negotiate with the TiPiLF,” Balderas told the True Democracy Party.

The party’s president, Eskinder Nega, has said that the government should not make a decision that threatens the unity of the country.

Balderas claims that its leaders and members were “falsely accused”; Government apologizes “The government should apologize to the leaders and members of Balderas who have been falsely arrested and compensated,” party president Eskinder Nega said in a statement.

Balderas said in a statement that the ruling party had “given me a strong stick” since its inception.

The party says that lasting peace in Ethiopia can only be achieved through accountability and justice. “There is no doubt that any gambling on the contrary will put the country and the people back in trouble.”

The release of Sebhat Nega violates the rule of law, Balderas said in a statement. “We believe that the acquittal should have been legalized, including by members of the Balderas leadership.” He announced in a statement.

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